X Factor Kids summer camp rules
Our “Camp House Rules” will be explained again on the first day in addition to the ones below.

General Rules

Please review the camp rules with your child before he or she comes to camp. Our “Camp House Rules” will be explained again on the first day .

We have 3 main rules to create a healthy and happy community:

1.Be Safe

2. Be respectful

3. Have fun

Being safe and respectful means different things to different people.

CaCamp House rump house rules and responsibilities

Campers must treat all staff and fellow campers with kindness and respect.

Campers must listen to and follow directions given to them by all counselors and staff. Counselors and staff give directions to keep children at camp happy and safe. Undermining authority will not be tolerated.

Campers must be at all instructional sessions, meetings, classes, team practices and games on time and participate.

Campers should Follow the schedule and be where they are supposed to be on time. No water or bathroom breaks should be taken without permission and supervision from a counselor or staff member.

Campers should not skip any meals. It is important to drink lots of water, especially when the weather is hot.

Campers must keep hands, feet and other objects to oneself. Shoes must be worn at all times except when showering, swimming or in bed. Engaging in activities that may injure yourself or someone else are not acceptable
Campers shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical or emotional harm to another camper or camp employee. . No horseplay or “having fun” at someone else’s expense. Campers shall refrain from rude language and conduct.

Campers shall not possess a weapon or object which might be considered a weapon, nor will any illegal substances brought to camp be tolerated. Campers may not bring the following to camp: tobacco, drugs, alcohol, knives, firearms, matches, fireworks, paintball or air soft guns, energy drinks, gum, electronic audio or visual devices or games, comic books or magazines, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bicycles, etc. Any questionable items will be confiscated for safe keeping and returned at the end of camp. Camp provides many fun activities, and these items will distract the campers.

Campers must never touch another camper’s personal belongings.
Campers must treat summer camp equipment, supplies, and facilities properly and with care. In case of damages expenses must be paid.
Campers must not take or touch anything belonging to a staff member or recreation department without prior permission.
Campers shall refrain from rude language and conduct.
Campers must follow all playground rules and guidelines.
No running in the bleachers, hanging on railings, or climbing balcony rails, no jumping into the swimming pool, no jumping over the camp fence
Campers must follow strictly Life Guard instructions
Campers can use swimming pool only during swim time included in the day schedule.

Campers shall remain with their groups at all times while at camp. Always travel with your team and coach when moving from one activity to the next. NO ONE may leave campus unless they are released from the camp/housing director.
On field trips summer camp T-shirt must be worn at all times.

Medical release forms must be signed by parent or guardian and turned into the registration office upon arrival at camp. ALL medicines must be turned into the camp First Aid Person upon arrival and administered by First Aid Person at prescribed times. Report all injuries or illnesses immediately.

Cell phone usage is prohibited during camp activities. Cell phones may be used at the dorms, at meals, and break time (prior to lights out). Campers are solely responsible for cell phones.
Do not change room assignments unless given permission by the director.

All campers must stay on camp grounds, within designated boundaries.

All campers, staff and workers shall adhere to all rules and regulations deemed necessary by camp management. Any infractions of rules by the camper may result in dismissal of camper from camp and parents will be notified to come and take the camper home.

After a first incident, the camper receives a warning and explanation about how his/her behaviour is unacceptable /if possible, the child is separated from the rest of the campers for a period allowing a time out for thinking over the improper act/;
•After a second incident, the camp management comes up with the punishment according to the child’s act /for example exclusion from a certain recreational activity/. Parents are informed about the incidents and the measures taken, over the phone;
•In case of a third incident, the child is expelled from the camp, without refunding of camp fees;•In case of serious behavioral problems, the staff reserves the right to ban the child from future participation in the camp.

After investigating the incident, a camper will be expelled from camp if he or she:
•Repeatedly leaves camp property without authorization, runs away, or is found in restricted areas without permission
•Provides false identification, including falsification of one’s age
•Damages, destroys or defaces personal or camp property
•Is found in possession of property that doesn’t belong to him or her
After investigating the incident, a camper maybe expelled from camp for any of the following forms of misconduct:
•Sexual, racial, religious or any other form of harassment
•Fighting, bullying, threatening and other forms of violence and aggressive behavior
•Non-compliant behavior; failure to comply with camp rules and directions of camp staff or failure to adjust to camp routines;
•Non-participation: cutting activities, refusing to participate in programs and activities
•Disruptive behavior;
•Profanity, obscene gestures, indecent conduct
To ensure that no camper is harmed or adversely affected by the actions of another camper, we will apply these camp rules fairly and consistently. If a camper is expelled from camp, the parent will be notified immediately and MUST provide transportation home for the child. There are NO refunds for campers who are expelled for violating these rules


Camper Dorm Responsibilities

1. All campers are to be showered and in their rooms for bed check by 10:30 PM. Lights out and electronics off by 11:00 PM. You may want to inform your camper that this is not a private bathroom and is shared with room-mates. Flip-flops are good to wear in the community shower, too!
2. Once you are at the dorm for the night, you may not leave!

3. Respect of your own space, as well as shared space with both your roommate(s), as well as shared community space is essential to the success of camp. Keeping your own space neat and clean is part of the camp experience.

Boys must stay out of the girls dorm area and girls must stay out of boys dorm areas.
5. Dismissal will result from conduct that we deem inappropriate. We will contact parents and get the child removed as soon as possible.
6. The staff will go over rules and regulations for the dorm. Make sure all rooms and floors are reasonably clean.
7. Wake-up will be at 7:45 a.m. by assigned floor counselors. Campers have until roll call (8:30 a.m.) to get their breakfast and get ready for camp activities.
9. Do not change rooms without approval from the housing director.
10. Room furniture is not to be moved.

Meal / Dining Hall Expectations
1. Absolutely no horseplay.
2. We want you to enjoy your meal, but don’t take more than you can eat. Do not skip any meals. It is important to drink lots of water, especially when the weather is hot.

3. Trays must be taken to designated area after each meal and should not be left on the dining table.
4. Campers must wear shoes in the restaurant.
5. Wait patiently in the line. Campers who take cuts will be moved to the end of the lines.
6. Be courteous to the restaurant personnel.
7. Keep noise down in the restaurant.
8. For day camp, campers are not allowed to leave X Factor Kids Camp area.


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