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How to register my kid for X Factor Kids Summer Camp?

You can enroll your child filling registration form in our web site or simply e-mail us.
In order to book a place for a specific period in our camp you should fill in a questionary and send it to us by e-mail. Full payment should be made at least 30 days prior to the arrival date.

What time is my child expected to be in the camp on the arrival day?

• It will be great all children to be accommodated until 4p.m( 16h).
• A staff member will help out with the accommodation procedure.

Shall we provide any documents on check-in day?

Yes, you must prepare Camp House rules Agreement, medical check signed by GP, Agreement for child participation in excursions, Agreement for footage with my child participation

Should my child bring towels?

No, one face and one bath towels are included in the hotel service. Towels are changed every 7 days. Children should take beach towels.

How do you divide children into groups ?

Initially children are assigned to a specific group according to the questionary filled in in the registration form.
X factor Chatterrers summer Camp – upon arrival kids are given an assessment test. They are assigned to a level group according to the results.

My child cannot swim- how he/she take part in the pool games?

Life guard vest or other support swimming accessories as inflatable belt are compulsory for those who cannot swim.
The swimming pool is deep 1.20m to 1.40m
Please provide correct information when filling in the questionary about swimming abilities, fears, diseases, diet, etc.

My child is vegan, vegetarian. Do you offer special menu?

Yes, we offer vegan or vegetarian menu. Please inform us about this circumstance in the registration form. Any food allergies should be reported in the questionary.

Are there any counselors or entertainers accommodated on the same floor as kids are?

Yes, there are accommodated teachers on each floor where kids rooms are. „Good night” room check is done every night. Children should feel free to refer to a teacher if an issue arouses during the night.
Children can ask for help at the reception desk in case of emergency.

Is there a laundry day?

Laundry is organized on the first Saturday. Children should prepare their clothes in a plastic bag with full name note. Please put an extra set of clothes when packing to be used during the laundry day. Underwear is not accepted for laundry service.
Laundry service is provided to children with two and over weeks stay.
We can provide extra laundry service for additional payment only.

We missed to pack an important item in the luggage? What to do?

There are two options- to send the item with a currier to the X Factor Kids Summer Camp or to give permission to buy one.

My kid does not speak English. Can he/she go to a English language camp?

Beginners can experience some difficulties during the first 2-3 days. Usually children get used to the new language very quickly.

My child is afraid from darkness? How to cope with this fear?

If your child gets anxious about the dark or has trouble falling asleep, make sure they bring a comfort item from home that will help them feel more relaxed at bed time. If your child is prone to waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, consider bringing along a small flashlight. Both of these issues should be included in your camp registration forms so the counselors can be aware of your child’s needs, fears and anxieties.
While a full day of camp should be enough to tire out even the most energetic of children, go over what to do if your child has trouble falling asleep—like counting sheep or flipping the pillow over to the cool side.
If anything, you can try to adjust to the camp sleeping schedule a week before leaving for camp.


He/ she wants to extend his/ her stay in the X Factor Kids Camp? Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. Camp management needs a written comfirmation from parents one week in advance.
Period of prolongation can be 7, 14 or 21 days.
After our acceptance we do send an invoice for the extended week.

My My child takes medication daily. How can I ensure that they will take it while at camp?

The X Factor Kids Medical release forms must be signed by parent or guardian and turned into the registration office upon arrival at camp.
ALL medicines must be turned into the camp First Aid Person upon arrival and administered by First Aid Person at prescribed times.
Report all injuries or illnesses immediately. Please mark carefully and put in a zip-lock bag with campers name) to ensure it’s taken at prescribed times. These medications will be returned to your child at the conclusion of camp.
Provide sufficient supply of the medication for the period of stay in the camp.
Be warned that all medicines should be kept with the Camp Doctor. Medicines in the rooms are not allowed.

When do we pick up our child on the departure day?

Check out is 11 o clock on Sunday. Parents or Guardians should take the kid until 2p.m

How to deal with childs homesickness or anxiety?

Setting Expectations with Your Child
Prep Your Child for Camp Guidelines and Rules
Whether it’s your child’s first year at camp, or they are a seasoned camper and need a little refresher, it’s a good idea to go over summer camp rules and guidelines before leaving for camp. Talking about camp rules with your child will help them understand exactly what is expected of them and that you believe they can be successful while at camp. Knowing the rules can potentially help to relieve anxiety and reduce the chances of homesickness or other behavioral issues while away.
Don’t worry – talking about the rules at camp doesn’t need to be a lecture. If you went to camp as a kid, then you can use your own experience to relay why certain camp rules make sense. You don’t need to talk about the rules all at once; instead, spread them out into small conversations in the weeks leading up to camp. This way, your child won’t feel overwhelmed when the rules are reviewed on the first day. Camp rules are in place to keep the camp community safe and camp operations running smoothly throughout their stay.

Can I call my child anytime I want to?

Cell phone usage is prohibited during camp activities. Cell phones may be used at the dorms, at meals, and break time (prior to lights out). Campers are solely responsible for cell phones.

My child wants to take his her tablet or skateboard?

Campers may not bring the following to camp: tobacco, drugs, alcohol, knives, firearms, matches, fireworks, paintball or air soft guns, energy drinks, gum, electronic audio or visual devices or games, comic books or magazines, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bicycles, etc. Any questionable items will be confiscated for safe keeping and returned at the end of camp. Camp provides many fun activities, and these items will distract the campers.
Camp management does not take any responsibility for any electronic device loss or damage!!!


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