We are a family, parents of two children who have decided to pursue our dream of creating a children's summer camp very close to Varna.  Our idea was formulated when we, as parents wondered how to ensure our children enjoyed fun, care, attention, development as well as simultaneously maintaining and consolidating existing knowledge and skills during their long, summer vacation.   We have over 20 years experience as hoteliers, 10 of which, dealing mainly with children and adolescents.  This experience has enabled us to gain invaluable insights and knowledge of how to deal with a young audience and how to tailor our approach to encourage, motivate and inspire young people. From our collective professional, parental and general life experience we have decided to create something known to the consumer market as - a children's summer camp, however, our vision is not only a business, marketing idea but one based on heart and soul.


phone.: +359 52 354 257
GSM: +359 889 565 099

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